Bunk bed sales surge by 60% over lockdown

Sales of bunk beds surge by 60% over lockdown as parents turn children’s bedrooms into offices while working from home during pandemic

  • Bunk bed sales were up 60 per cent in the past six months compared to last year
  • John Lewis reveals new figures as lockdown leaves families needing extra space 
  • Office chairs, desks and gym equipment sales have all rocketed since March  

Bunk bed sales rocketed by 60 per cent over lockdown as parents turned their children’s bedrooms into offices while working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. 

John Lewis released figures showing a huge rise in demand for office and gym equipment as locked down Brits stayed indoors.

Bunk beds were up by 60 per cent in the last six months, compared to the same period last year, while office chairs and desk sales were also up. 

Demand for bunk beds soared during lockdown as parents converted their children’s rooms into offices

Johnathan Marsh, from John Lewis, told The Telegraph: ‘After several months of change, our homes are working harder than ever before, having become offices, gyms, schools, restaurants and more.

‘Nothing so groundbreaking has shaken our use of the home since the rise of open plan living, which began in the seventies.

‘Although sparked by urgent needs in the midst of the pandemic, this new perspective on a modular approach to living within our own four walls is here to stay.’

Sales of designer desks are reportedly up by 73 per cent, while premium office chairs have seen a rise in demand of 86 per cent compared to last year. 

Wireless headphones have also been a popular choice, as office workers log in to meetings from home. 

A survey carried out by the retailer revealed nearly a third of people had repurposed a room to use it as a home office. 

Around 20 per cent changed a room to give them some space, while 17 per cent tried to create a home gym – with demand for fitness machines rising by 122 per cent.

As parents came up ideas to keep their children busy, hobby items soared in popularity. 

Demand for calligraphy pens rose by 406 per cent, notebooks and journals increased by 207 per cent.

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