Can YOU spot the deadly snake lurking in these woods?

A SNAP of a snake slithering through woodland has rattled Facebook users as they struggle to spot the camouflaged reptile.

Many have been left questioning their vision – with others adamant the baffling image simply shows an innocent patch of trees as they fail to find the deadly snake lurking.

The frustrating image was shared by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, a professional snake-catching service located in Queensland, Australia, in a weekly game of "Spot the Snake Sunday".

A team member posted the image on Facebook and said: “Here's one that will drive you mad! Spot the Snake Sunday is back with a toughy and a change up with the species of snake as well!

“Let us know in the comments where you can see the snake and what species you think it is! Happy Searching.”

Dozens of people threw their guesses in the ring, with the majority unable to locate the slippery beast.

One person said: “They all drive me mad and make me question my eye sight.”

“I’m pretty sure they’re everywhere but stay well hidden in the undergrowth,” another viewer added,

Someone else commented: “I am in to trouble for having a go at spot the snake.”

“This one is difficult – I’ll come back tomorrow for the answer,” another person chipped in.

One person joked: “So I figured there is like 18 snakes here and one bigfoot.”

“I am again useless and cannot find it,” one disgruntled viewer said.

Someone else added: “I can never find the snakes until someone points them out. I probably couldn’t find the snake if it was a six-foot python against a white background.”

Other people took a stab at guessing the location and species of the snake, incorrectly that a common tree snake or rattlesnake was visible.

A team member confirmed it was actually a brown tree snake located in the top-right hand side of the image.

The reptile can just about be seen poking through the leaves – if you look closely enough.

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