Having a curry could help you lose fat and gain muscle, study finds – The Sun

HAVING a curry could help you lose fat and gain muscle, according to an Australian study.

Boffins found fenugreek leaves and seeds, a spice widely used in dishes such as Madras, can improve strength and increase muscle size.

In tests 138 men aged 25 to 47 who daily ate fenugreek supplement Testofen saw lean muscle grow and fat decrease.

Experts at universities in Sydney and New South Wales said it could aid athletes as the herb is legal in sport.

They think it works by increasing release of testosterone within the body.

The study's authors wrote: "This suggests a dose-response effect of Testofen, with an increasing dose corresponding with positive effects in body composition and aerobic fitness.

"Sports competitors could supplement with a WADA [World Anti-Doping Agency] approved herbal extract to increase lean mass, leg strength and endurance capacity while also decreasing fat mass.

"The 600mg group showed decreases in body mass of 1.2 kg, −1.4 per cent body fat and an increase in lean mass (1.8 per cent) at eight weeks. The 600 mg group also demonstrated an increase in testosterone concentration from baseline to eight weeks.

"This study indicates that Testofen may be an effective ergogenic aid for individuals wanting to rapidly improve their exercise performance capabilities and body composition above and beyond that of calisthenic exercise alone."

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