Here are some of the best Bernie Sanders memes from the inauguration

A meme was born on Wednesday when Bernie Sanders took his mittens to Washington DC.

The 79-year-old Vermont senator became the toast of social media after being pictured in a low-key parka and multi-colored hand-knitted mittens during President Biden’s inauguration.

A now-iconic photo of a bundled-up Sanders, sitting alone in a folding chair with his arms crossed over his knees, immediately became a hit — especially in his New York City hometown.

Filmmaker and influencer New York Nico quickly got to work posting images of Brooklyn-born Sanders edited into Big Apple scenes — including next to a hot dog stand, in a park and on the subway.

Actress and NYC scene-maker Chloë Sevigny also contributed to the viral sensation, posting a photo that showed Sanders sitting next to her and Pauly D, from MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” at Madison Square Garden.

Sanders also made an “appearance” at a Washington Square Park chess table, and in one of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s coronavirus update slideshows.

Meanwhile, others photoshopped the socialist into iconic pictures, movies and TV shows: sitting on a bench next to Forest Gump, hanging out on the planet Hoth in “Star Wars” and sitting on the throne from “Game of Thrones.”

He also got photoshopped into classic album covers — and as the person selling merch at a concert.

Someone even took the liberty of making a Snapchat filter of Sanders.

For the less meme-inclined fans, the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum is immortalizing Sanders’ inauguration look as a bobblehead.

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