Why was Daunte Wright pulled over?

ANGRY protesters have clashed with cops across Minnesota after the death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a routine traffic stop.

The young black man was shot dead, allegedly by female officer Kimberly Potter who was trying to use a Taser.

Why was Daunte Wright pulled over?

According to a statement from the Brooklyn Center Police Department, on April, 11, 2021, officers pulled Wright over for a traffic violation before 2pm.

After his death, his sobbing mom Katie told a crowd he called her to say he had been pulled over by police because of an air freshener in his car.

She said she heard officers telling her son to put his phone down before the call ended.

Her son's girlfriend Chyna Whitaker told her he had been shot shortly afterwards.

She told reporters: "All he did was have air fresheners in the car and they told him to get out of the car.

"He got out of the car and his girlfriend said they shot him.

"He got back in the car and drove away and crashed and now he was dead on the ground since 1.47. 

"Nobody will tell us anything and nobody will talk to her.

"I asked them to please take my son off the ground — he’s been there since 1.47 this afternoon."

Why was Daunte Wright being arrested?

Although Wright was initially pulled over over a traffic violation, according to the Brooklyn Center Police Department, cops discovered he had an outstanding warrant.

Officers tried to take him into custody but Wright got back into his car.

"One officer discharged their firearm, striking the driver," police said. "The vehicle traveled several blocks before striking into another vehicle."

Bodycam footage shows the officer who fired the fatal shot accidentally using a handgun instead of aTaser.

What happened to Daunte Wright?

On April, 11, 2021, Wright was pulled over during a routine traffic stop.

Upon discovering he had an outstanding warrant, cops tried to arrest him, according to a Brooklyn Center Police Department statement.

Police said Wright went back into his car and a female officer accidentally shot him while trying to use a Taser.

The 20-year-old died at the scene while his girlfriend – who was in the vehicle – also sustained injuries that were not life-threatening during the crash, police said.

Police Chief Tim Gannon described the shooting as an "accidental discharge".

After watching the bodycam footage, he said: "This appears to me, from what I viewed and the officers' reaction and distress immediately after, that this was an accidental discharge that resulted in the tragic death of Mr. Wright."

He added that the officer will "not be returning to duty until the investigation has run its course" and that the investigation was in its early stages and based on a preliminary police review of the video evidence.

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